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Thoughtful Thursday: Night to Shine

We are truly touched by the love and support our community has given us. Our gratitude extends to our clients who have visited Mission Coffee while managing their taxes, as well as to the new visitors who have stopped by for a cup of coffee, relaxed in our atrium, and the ongoing support from our family and friends in various ways.

Thoughtful Thursday: We aim to be purposeful in utilizing the support we've received and using our platform to highlight the positives within our community. As part of our commitment, we allocate a share of our earnings to various ministries, including local ones such as Teen Challenge. Today, we want to spotlight an incredible organization, "Night to Shine Sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation." Night to Shine offers a memorable prom night event, focusing on God's love for individuals with special needs aged 14 and above.

We are fortunate in our community to host a Night to Shine at Cornerstone Church of Augusta on March 8th. With over 300 wonderful guests expected, they require assistance from 99+ volunteers! If you enjoy dancing, laughing, eating, singing, or spreading joy, please think about signing up. Your involvement will truly make a difference, and your support is greatly appreciated. You can sign up to volunteer using

If all of our lovely friends could share we can spread the word all around. Even if you arent able to volunteer you sharing this post with your friends and family can also make a difference

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